Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One reports for the week of Feb. 9-15

Staff reports

GIG HARBOR, Feb. 9-15

Total calls: 117

2/9 Allergic reaction

Feb. 9 — A woman took her nightly medications. Approximately 45 minutes later, she began itching across her body with flushed skin. Her husband drove her to the hospital, but during the drive, the patient became worse and started having trouble catching her breath so they pulled into a nearby fire station and called for EMS. Crews found that she had rapid breathing, flushed, hot skin and chest tightness. She was transported for further care.

Chest pain

Feb. 11 — A woman was at home when she began having shortness of breath with mild chest discomfort. Thinking it was an asthma attack, she used her rescue inhaler without relief. She then began coughing and started feeling a sharp pain across her chest and down both arms. Her forearms began to ache and her hands were tingling. Crews also noted she started having acid reflux two days ago. Crews performed an evaluation and found her to have a coarse cough and mild shortness of breath; she was transported for further evaluation.

Animal rescue

Feb. 12 — Crews arrived at a home where the homeowner said her dog had been running in the woods on a trail down to the beach behind their house. The dog got caught on a cliff and was unable to find her way out. The owner was unable to reach her. Crews made access to the beach via the homeowners trail. Crews were able to get up the side of the embankment, gaining access to the dog. Crews secured her collar and led her up the hill, reuniting her with her owners.

Residential fire

Feb. 13 — Crews received reports of an electrical fire in a garage, attached to a two-story house; homeowner could see flames and was attempting to extinguish with a fire extinguisher. The homeowner explained that the power went out to a few of his rooms. When he investigated, he found visible flames coming from his electrical panel. Crews overhauled the immediate area around the electrical panel; obvious charring of wires and on stud of wall. No damage was found in the ceiling, and rooms above garage were checked for smoke/damage with none found. No medical evaluations were needed, breakers were switched to the off position, and crews returned in service.