Gig Harbor police reports for the week of April 5

Thief hits Gig Harbor High School for copper WIRE

March 27 — A Gig Harbor police officer responded to a call at 7:30 p.m. to Gig Harbor High School regarding a wire theft. When police arrived they contacted the school’s athletic director who said someone stole the copper wire for the field lights on the north side of the upper athletic field.

Three electrical boxes had been dug up and the wiring had been removed. The wire was valued at approximately $1,000. The cost to repair the lights was estimated at $60,000. The school asked for extra patrol because they were afraid the suspect may come back for the other lights’ wiring.

Man arrested after bartender ASSAULT

March 28 — Gig Harbor police responded to a call at Halftime Saloon on Point Fosdick Drive at 1:05 a.m. for an unwanted person. Dispatch advised the officer a man had “pinched” a female staff member.

When the officer arrived on scene, they saw a man standing outside the front door who matched the suspect’s description. The suspect began screaming at the officer the minute he exited his patrol car asking for the officer’s name. The officer identified themselves and asked the suspect who he was, but he told the officer to “f--- off” and that he didn’t need to tell the officer his name.

The officer explained to the suspect that he was asked to leave the bar and there was a possible assault so he needed to identify himself. The suspect again told the officer to “f--- off” and that he didn’t need to tell him anything. The suspect kept yelling over the officer while the officer tried to speak. Soon the suspect started yelling at the officer and put a finger in the officer’s face, the suspect was so close, the officer said, he was almost hit in the face when the man started pointing. The suspect continued to yell and try to touch the officer’s face. The officer grabbed the suspect’s hand and placed him in handcuffs. Another officer arrived on scene and assisted with the incident. The second officer remained with the suspect while the first officer spoke with the victim.

The victim, a staff member at the bar, said the suspect came into the business already intoxicated so she refused to serve him more alcohol. The suspect went to the back of the bar to play pool with some other men. The suspect began “getting mouthy” and causing a disturbance so the victim told the suspect he needed to leave. The suspect reused to leave even after being asked several times. The victim then escorted the suspect outside, and as they were walking, the suspect grabbed the victim’s arms and scratched her. The victim pushed the suspect off of her but he charged at the victim. Other staff members were near by and prevented the suspect from reaching the victim or hurting anyone else. The police were called when the suspect still refused to leave the property.

The first officer went back to the suspect and asked again for identification. When the suspect refused he was placed under arrest and police obtained his wallet with his ID. The officers explained to the suspect he was under arrest and the suspect began saying the police were “kidnapping” him. The suspect was transported to Kitsap County jail.

Tools disappear after COMPLETED Job

March 28 — A Gig Harbor police officer was assigned to a theft call at 10:11 a.m. The theft on Point Fosdick Drive occurred at a construction site between Feb. 1 and Feb. 28. The construction work had been completed and the complaint was made by the project manager, who was now out of town.

The officer contacted the manager who said his team at worked on the site for over a year and at the end of the job the crew did an inventory of their tools. The manager had no suspect and had no ideas when the tools went missing but told police he was missing four Hilti batteries valued at $50 each, five Hilti chargers valued at $50 each, one Hilti cordless screw gun valued at $550 and two Hilti impact drivers valued at $550 each. The officer obtained the serial numbers and will started contacting local pawn shops for items with matching descriptions.

Women threatens police with profanity during drunk driving arrest

March 29 — Two Gig Harbor police officers were dispatched at 8:06 p.m. to a report of a possible drunk driver that had just exited state Route 16 and onto Olympic Drive. Dispatch advised the vehicle had been observed swerving and almost hit two other cars. Dispatch told police the 911 caller was following the suspect northbound on Soundview Drive and had provided a vehicle description.

The reporting officer had located the suspect’s vehicle driving northwest on Harborview Drive, just passing Stinson Avenue. The officer got behind the suspect and immediately observed the driver swerve into an oncoming lane as other vehicles were approaching on Harborview Drive. The officer activated their emergency lights and attempted to initiate a traffic stop. The suspect kept driving for another 10 seconds before pulling over.

The officer contacted the driver, a woman, and explained why they were being stopped. The suspect stated she was almost home and was just wanting to go home for the night. The officer smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from the car. The officer asked the suspect if she had been drinking that night and she stated she had a couple of beers. The officer asked for the woman’s license, proof of insurance and registration and ended up asking for the information four separate times because the women kept repeating “I am almost home.”

The officer observed what appeared to be a marijuana pipe in the center console of the suspect’s car. The officer asked the suspect if she smoked any marijuana recently and the suspect said yes, she had smoked two hours prior. The officer also observed several open alcohol containers in the suspect’s vehicle on the passenger seat and floor.

The suspect told the officer she was going to leave her car and walk away. The officer told her to stay in her vehicle but the suspect refused and exited her vehicle as other cars passed by. The officer went to the driver side of the car and told the suspect to stop while blocking her door. The suspect refused to stop so the officer placed her under arrest for driving under the influence.

The officer placed the women in handcuffs and in the back of his patrol car after conducting a pat down for weapons. The suspect began screaming at the officer and others on the scene of the traffic stop. The officer checked the suspect’s records and found she had a suspended driver’s license and was required to have an ignition lock on her car.

While officers took photos of the suspect’s cars, the 911 caller stopped by with a written statement and another witness said yje suspect had almost “ran him over” in a parking lot while he was trying to enter his truck. The officer then transported the suspect to the Gig Harbor Police station for further drug and alcohol testing. On the way, the suspect told the officer she wished she could “slap him upside the face with my d---” and other profanities.

When the officer arrived at the station he advised the suspect to leave his car, where she began yelling at a second police officer and approaching him in an aggressive manner. The second officer put his hands up to push the suspect back, and she tripped over her feet and fell to her side. The suspect began to cry that her knee was hurting. The suspect refused medical treatment.

The officer performed additional tests on the suspect, who admitted to drinking beer, smoking marijuana and “taking three of four tequila shots.” During the testing the suspect kept complaining her knee hurt but refused to be seen by medical staff. The officer finally chose to contact emergency medical team. The suspect kept screaming at the EMTs while they performed tests. The suspect was cleared by the medical team. The officer transported the suspect to Kitsap County jail.

Broken lock leads to theft discovery

March 29 – A Gig Harbor police officer made contact with a vehicle prowl victim at 5:38 p.m. The victim said the prowl happened on the 4600 block of Point Fosdick Drive Northwest earlier that day. The victim’s truck was broken into and a backpack was stolen.

The victim observed that his driver’s side door, which was locked, had been tampered with and no longer worked with his key. The only item of value in the backpack was the victim’s shipyard identification badge. The victim could not provide any suspects or witnesses.

Women arrested at traffic stop wasn’t the driver

March 29 — A Gig Harbor police officer was performing a traffic stop at 6:33 p.m. near the Target on Borgen Boulevard when the passenger in the stopped vehicle asked if they could leave to go “shopping at Target.” The officer told the passenger they were free to go but could not return to the traffic stop until it was finished.

The passenger left but returned to the stop — against police orders — to speak with the driver. The officer told the passenger to leave the area. The passenger turned to leave but then immediately came back to the stop. The officer told the passenger she had become a safety hazard to the officer during the traffic stop and detained the passenger.

The officer asked the passenger for her name and the passenger began to give the officer a false identity. The passenger then gave the officer her real name and date of birth, and told the officer she had warrants out and was nervous when her driver was pulled over by the police. The officer scanned through records and found the passenger had two warrants out for their arrest. The passenger was transported and booked into Pierce County Jail.

Prowler fails to enter car

March 30 — A Gig Harbor police officer was dispatched to Costco on Harbor Hill Drive for a vehicle prowl, the officer did not report the time of the call.

The officer contacted the victim who said they were shopping at Costco and when they came back to their car they saw someone had attempted to enter their car through the driver-side door. The officer saw the door handle was damaged. The victim said the car was still locked and it didn’t seem anything was stolen. No other damage was noted and no items seemed to be stolen. There were no suspects or witnesses to report.

Thief does a hackjob to victim’s car

March 30 — A Gig Harbor police officer was dispatched to Sound Vista Village on McDonald Avenue regarding a vehicle prowl. The victim said an unknown suspect had cut and stolen his catalytic converter from his Toyota while he was inside visiting his father.

The victim escorted the officer to his car and showed him a sawblade from the saw that was lying under the Toyota. The victim said when he tried to leave, he turned on his vehicle and was startled by the noise and amount of exhaust coming from the car. The victim was inside visiting his father for 40 minutes and he remembered seeing someone lingering around the parking lot who seemed “out of place.”

The police spoke with the apartment complex manager who said earlier a man came in and asked for a tour. The manager said he was acting strange and told the man they did not give tours but he was free to take a brochure. The manager said the man was in the office for 10 minutes and gave an “odd vibe” before leaving. The manager believes the strange man was a lookout for the suspect who stole the victim’s catalytic converter. The manager said there were no video surveillance cameras on the premise. The case is closed, pending new leads.

Intoxicated man falls asleep on phone, at the wheel

March 31 — A Gig Harbor officer noticed a car parked in the Eagles parking lot on Burnham Drive Northwest at 4:04 a.m. The car was running and facing the parking lot exit. When the officer drove closer, he noticed the driver was asleep at the wheel.

The officer woke the driver. When asked what he was doing, he told the officer he was talking to his girlfriend. The officer noted no one else was in the car so he assumed the driver meant he was talking on his phone. The officer told the driver he was asleep and noted the driver’s voice was slow and slurred. The officer smelled a strong odor of burnt marijuana and fresh marijuana coming from the driver’s window.

The officer asked the driver to turn off his car and exit, which he did. The driver was unsteady on his feet, sweaty and his pants were not zipped up. The driver refused to take any sobriety tests. The officer placed the driver under arrest and transported him to the Gig Harbor police department for testing, where he was found to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The officer made an official arrest and transported the driver to Kitsap County jail.