Gig Harbor police reports for April 26

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Unchecked spelling error costs over $20,000

April 17 - Gig Harbor police were contacted by a resident at 12 p.m. for a wire fraud. The victim said he owns a business that imports goods into the United States from overseas. The victim said an unknown computer hacker infiltrated the computer system of a company he works with overseas.

The company, Brodrene Hartmann, received an invoice via email which had been slightly altered from the hacker. The invoice was from Brodrene Hartman, missing the last 'n' on the name. The invoice requested the victim wire $20,628 to an ING Bank in Amsterdam, Holland. The victim wired the money March 16 and on March 20 discovered it was a fake invoice.

The victim reported the fraud theft to his bank as well as the real company he works with. The victim also changed his bank account information to prevent future thefts. There is no reasonable follow-up procedure for the local police, since the suspects are located in Amsterdam.

Drunk driver goes off-roading

April 21 - A Gig Harbor officer was on patrol at 1:16 a.m. traveling southbound near the 9600 block of Burnham Drive when they spotted a vehicle headed northbound drive off the road and into the grass.

The car's headlights were then shut off and the driver continued to drive the car through the grass. The officer then turned around and caught up with the car. The officer contacted the driver, who said he didn't understand why he was driving the way he was.

The officer asked for the driver's information and noted the driver had an accent, slurred speech, droopy eyes and a flushed face. The driver had to remove everything from his wallet to find his driver's license. When asked what he drink that night, the driver admitted to having a few beers. The officer asked if the driver felt impaired and the driver said he felt fine.

After performing three sobriety tests, the officer confirmed the driver was under the influence. He was arrested for driving under the influence.

At the police department, a Breathalyzer test confirmed positive results for alcohol. The officer gave the driver a citation from driving off the roadway, driving at night with no headlights and a citation for driving under the influence. The officer transported the driver to Kitsap County jail.

Homeless man attempts to steal fruit and medicine

April 22 - Two Gig Harbor police officers were dispatched at 5:05 p.m. to Safeway on Point Fosdick Drive Northwest for a report of a shoplifter in the store's custody.

The manager said that afternoon, around 4:40 p.m., he saw the suspect carrying a shopping basket with a Red Bull drink inside. The suspect picked up high-cost medicine from the shelves; Zyrtec, Flonase and Theraflu. He began walking at a high rate of speed to the produce department where he picked up a yogurt parfait, eight kiwis and a bunch of bananas to place in his basket. The suspect then went to the front of the store where he picked up his backpack from customer service, attempting to leave the store without paying for his items.

The manager asked the suspect to come back inside where he became irritated and attempted to leave. The suspect refused to give the manager his name or identification, so the manager called the police. The officers told the suspect he was under arrest for theft in the third degree. The suspect told police he was trying to steal from Safeway, saying he was hungry and had no money on his person. The suspect told police a friend had driven him to Safeway, but refused to give the police his friend's name or the type of car he was driving.

The officer checked the suspect's eyes and believed he had recently used narcotics. The police asked the suspect about past drug use and the suspect admitted he was an addict and usually took opiates and "benzos." The suspect said he was afraid to go to jail because he would go through withdrawal. The suspect did not admit how long ago he took any drugs. The suspect told police he had been homeless for awhile and had no working phone number.

An officer ran the suspect's information and found the suspect had an arrest warrant out in Kitsap County for an obstruction charge. All of the merchandise — about $169 worth — was recovered.

Officers searched the suspect's backpack and found a container with a black bag inside. Inside the bag was a substance police believe was heroin. The officers also found several syringes, four smoking devices, a burnt metal spoon with narcotic residue, and a clear plastic container with more narcotic residue. The officers also obtained two butane lighters. One officer took the suspect to Kitsap County jail where he was booked on charges of theft in the third degree.