Gig Harbor police reports for the week of May 3

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Couple tries to steal anniversary gifts from Rite Aid

April 24 - Gig Harbor police officers were dispatched to the Rite Aid on Point Fosdick Drive Northwest regarding a shoplift in progress by a woman.

The store manager who said two suspects were in the middle of the store and the female suspect was seen concealing items in her clothes.

An officer contacted the suspects as they started towards the front of the store, noting they seemed shocked to see an officer as the male suspect's hoodie pockets were full and the female suspect had moved her hand from behind her back. The officer asked what they were attempting to steal as he could see concealed items sticking out of his pockets. The male suspect said he wasn't trying to steal anything. The officer removed thewoman's perfume from his pockets.

The officer placed the male suspect under arrest, handcuffed him and found a folded knife in the man's hands. The female suspect revealed she was concealing perfume in the back of her pants when asked and then placed under arrest. The female suspect asked why they were being arrested since the two didn't leave the store with the items. The officer said it was because they concealed the items in an attempt to steal.

When interviewed separately from his female companion, the male suspect said he took the items as a gift to his girlfriend because it was their anniversary. The male suspect said their driver in a waiting car did not know they were planning to steal from the store.

After interviewing the driver, who said he did not know his friends were planning to steal from the store, he was released from the scene by the officer.

The two suspects were cited for theft in the third degree. As they about to be released, the officers noticed the female suspect still had items concealed in her pants, including a set of fake nails and a pair of gloves. The two were then released .