Gig Harbor: Unregistered car, drugs figure in arrest; bakery worker stalked by staring man

Compiled from Gig Harbor police reports

Wi-Fi was good, registration wasn’t

Just using the Wi-Fi, said the man in the passenger sear of a car parked outside a building in the 11300 block of 51st Avenue about 8 p.m. on June 27. But when the car was pulled over later, the woman driving was found to have a misdemeanor warrant out for her arrest. Police said they also found methamphetamine and heroin on her.

The vehicle registration had expired in 2017. The woman said even though she had the vehicle for a while, she just recently got it running and had not transferred the title.

The woman was arrested for the misdemeanor warrant and a failure to transfer the vehicle title after 45 days.

He wasn’t there for pastry

A woman working at a Gig Harbor bakery told police on June 28 that a man was staring at her and making no attempt to look like he was shopping. She said it was not the first time that has happened, and she was so worried about her safety that she asked co-workers to escort her out of the store when she leaves for the day. She also said she believes someone was stalking her while she was house-sitting for a friend. The dog barked continually at night, she said, and one day she and her sister were startled by a man while sitting in the back yard.

Police contacted the man and are investigating.