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Gig Harbor-based Control Solutions appoints new CEO

Gig Harbor-based company Control Solutions, Inc. has a new CEO. Pennsylvania native Jeffrey Creighton will replace longtime CEO Richard Mahmarian, who is retiring.

Mahmarian has served as CEO and president of Control Solutions, Inc. since 2003.

Control Solutions works to provide businesses with payment technologies, such as the machines one might find at a typical store’s checkout line. The other side of the business is bar code data collection devices, like a UPS delivery worker would use. Control Solutions focuses on optimizing these devices for businesses, and keeping businesses up-to-date with current technologies, helping to cut costs.

"I see our role as being a trusted adviser for our companies," Creighton said. "I want them to trust we’ll bring emerging technologies to them, to cut their costs and increase profit."

Creighton, who grew up near Pittsburgh and attended college at Lafayette College and Penn State, brings a forward-thinking approach to the company, which he said he believes has the potential for vast growth.

"The company is at a critical point," Creighton said. "It has grown throughout the years. It’s time to bring some new energy, a renewed focus on some innovative technologies for the company. It’s a tremendous opportunity. I think this company could become much more successful. The market is going to expand. We’re looking at international expansion."

Creighton will bounce around between the company’s three main locations: Gig Harbor, 5775 Soundview Dr.; Melbourne, Florida and Louisville, Kentucky. The company has about 75 employees nationwide right now, and if growth goes as Creighton expects it will, Control Solutions may be looking to hire new employees in Gig Harbor and elsewhere.

One of Creighton’s primary goals is to make sure the company has a clear purpose.

"My number one goal is to try to unify the workforce, make sure everyone understands our corporate identity," the CEO said.

Creighton, who has been working with Control Solutions since 2014, said he’s been continually impressed with the employees.

"I’m impressed by the caliber of employees that we have," he said. "Their work ethic, talent and value sets. I’m looking forward to being with these folks and leading everyone to success. Everybody is just really dedicated to what they do."

Once Creighton’s teenage son moves on to college, he’s considering a move to Gig Harbor with his wife. He’s never lived on the west coast, but already has an idea of what he might like to do in the harbor in his spare time.

"I’d like to come out and dust off my sailing skills," Creighton said. "I haven’t done it for many years."