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KP Lions delight in annual giving of student dictionaries

Key Peninsula Lion Bill Jones distributes dictionaries to Evergreen Elementary third-graders.
Key Peninsula Lion Bill Jones distributes dictionaries to Evergreen Elementary third-graders. Special to the Gateway

Each year, the Key Peninsula Lions Club presents each third-grader on the Key a brand new “cordless spell check” to keep as their very own. The youngsters are elated to get these items known to some as “dictionaries.”

“What a generous gift of knowledge!” declared Evergreen Elementary third grade teacher Jennifer Brantley. “It was a joy watching the students flip through their new dictionaries and gleam in appreciation.”

Evergreen student Landon Hambly was “so happy I got my own dictionary!” Classmate Garrett Smith exclaimed, “There are so many words in here!” Said classmate Emmy Carter, “I love the dictionaries!” “These dictionaries are so cool!” added Brooke Johnson.

Vaughn third grade teacher Vickie Moore’s note said, “Dear Lions, Thank you for the dictionaries you so faithfully give us each year. These kids feel loved by the Lions! You are setting important examples for them. They want to be Lions, too! Today we read from the dictionary about the American flag. The kids were excited to use their very own dictionary to learn about history.”

Vaughn student Mercedez Carter enthused, “Thank you Lions! You are a wonderful club and I hope to be a Lion some day too because you help kids.”

To classmate Krystina Rieman, “The Lions Club must really love school because they want us to learn more. I love my dictionary and I want to read it all!”

For Oakley Tudor, “This dictionary is a wonderful gift and it will help me learn history, which I want to learn so much.”

“Thank you for this awesome gift!” said Belle Hansen. “We can learn sign language, the longest word, and lots of definitions. It’s so cool!”

To Kyler Moffat, “This dictionary will help me have knowledge and grow. Thank you Lions!”

To Minter Creek Elementary third grade teacher Alice Kinerk, the dictionaries provide an opportunity “to teach students about words’ multiple meanings, word families and word origins. The students are very grateful to the Lions Club and enjoy using the dictionaries.”

Her student Audrey Derr said, “I need this dictionary because I like learning words and their definitions. And it has cool stuff inside it like on page 380 there are Roman numerals. On page 378 it has the periodic table of the elements.”

“These dictionaries can mean so much to people who love learning,” said third-grader Kameron Kilner. “And who doesn’t love learning?”

Said Cheyenne Pecotte, “The dictionaries will probably help a lot. I wanna work on my spelling and words. I could use it and it would be mine. That’s pretty cool, right?!”

“I think the dictionary is amazing because I did not know you could learn a lot of things in just one book,” exclaimed Minter’s Jersey Chamberlain. “You could learn about space and the 50 states, also sign language. I am just so amazed!”

Classmate Brooklyn Finch wrote, “Thank you for giving us a dictionary and thank you for coming to our school. We loved it. You are funny and cool. Lions Club rules!”

Aw, shucks!

Hugh McMillan is a longtime contributing writer for the Gateway. He can be reached at