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Slater: A call to all Peninsula High graduates from the 1950s

Summer draws to an end, but often, it’s difficult to tell (other than by the calendar) when summer ends and fall actually begins. These cooler days lead into it, but we may have more of the higher temps ahead of us. Every year is different.

We enjoyed our recent family reunion, smaller than usual this year, but including some who haven’t attended in a while. It’s fun to see the younger ones enjoying water play or just running around. Four generations were represented, with six of us in the oldest group and that many in the youngest.

I’m one of the “keepers of the records” for our family, and quite pleased to have some younger ones interested in carrying on the photos and stories.

The next day we went to Seattle for our oldest great-grandchild’s fifth birthday, and had our four generations there, too.

A postnote on family was an email from a cousin in New Zealand to greet me when we came home from Seattle. He’d discovered my family tree on, but didn’t know how I was connected. I’ve been corresponding with his brother for many years, but apparently he’d never shared the information I’d sent to him. Looks like he may get a razzing about that. It’s exciting to find a cousin there who is computer literate and excited about having contact with cousins here.

By the time this hits print, we’ll have had another kind of reunion here in Vaughn, “A Walk Down Memory Lane,” where we “old timers” who remember being in the Vaughn Library Hall can walk in and see the hall part almost as it was, without benches, etc., but the space is open, thanks to a lot of hard work by some Historical Society members.

One more reunion coming up. In 2002, schoolmate Dian Tallman organized “the Fabulous ‘50s” reunion, meeting at the Gig Harbor Eagles in September, usually the Saturday after Labor Day. This year it will be Sept. 2 at 6 p.m. If you went to PHS during the 1950s (or before!), please join us.

It began with the 10 classes who graduated in the 1950s, but quickly extended to the three classes before us, 1947 to 1949. Now, as older ones are gone or at least don’t attend anymore, we’ve added 1960 to 1962, and expect if some from the next class arrive, they’ll be welcomed.

Donations are asked to cover the use of the hall and extra wait help. No meals served that evening. Bring your Kwahaes yearbooks, photo albums and memories to share.

I enjoy seeing people I went to school with, before and after my particular class, as then, PHS was small enough, we pretty much knew everyone who attended.

September means back to schedules that have been let go during the summer — Key Singers, bells and choir at church and more.

Anyone living on the KP who loves to sing and can carry a tune is welcome to join the Key Singers. We’ll start rehearsals at 7 p.m. Sept 12 at the KP Lutheran Church, 4213 Lackey Road, Lakebay (junction of Lackey and KP Highway). No auditions, $10 annual dues to cover music, rent, scholarships. We’ll be practicing Christmas music, “only 3 weeks away!” says our director, Marianne McColley.

Many friends and family members across the country traveled to see The Great American Eclipse. We stayed here. It was a memorable time, especially for kids old enough to appreciate what is happening, who can write about it for a school report or just a family memoir. Encourage them, parents!

Summer days are flying by. Enjoy every one!