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A pair of friends can ride again

Colby Piquet, 6, just wanted to ride his bike with his friend again.

His friend, Micco, had been hit by a car; he was unhurt, but his bike was totaled. The two couldn’t ride together, a tough thing for two boys described as being joined at the hip by Colby’s mom.

Colby went to his grandfather, Rocky Wallace, and asked what he could do to help Micco. After some time fundraising, Colby had enough to buy Micco a new bike. He surprised his friend on Monday evening outside their apartment in Gig Harbor.

Micco and Colby took the neon-yellow Magna Ripclaw bike out for a spin. The two boys raced back-and-forth on Monday evening, finally able to ride together again. Colby even got Micco a helmet to match his.

The donations came from Wallace’s coworkers at SENFCO Communications. That’s where Colby took his handwritten letter.

“I asked papa what I could do to get Micco a new bike... papa said maybe I could get donations and work in his yard to help get money,” Colby wrote in his fundraising letter.

The simple request touched those at SENFCO, and Wallace ended up collecting $100 in donations.

Colby was the product tester for the bike, riding it around Target the night he and his grandfather bought it. The cashier told him to enjoy his bike and Colby corrected her, saying it was for his friend.

Gig Harbor Target managers were so impressed with Colby’s generosity, they nominated him for an Unsung Heroes award from the Gig Harbor Fire Department, Wallace said.

For Colby, it wasn’t about awards, but having his bike-riding partner back.