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Sailor returns to Longbranch to share trips around the horn

Former Longbranch residents Jeff and Debbie Hartjoy have quite a story to tell.

Since leaving Puget Sound in 1999 and “turning left” at Cape Flattery, they have logged more than 85,000 miles at sea aboard their Baba 40 sailboat, “Sailor’s Run.”

They will be back in Longbranch on Aug. 25 to share their adventures with old friends, neighbors and guests at the Longbranch Improvement Club.

Jeff Hartjoy will take listeners on a trip through the Southern Oceans, including his solo transit from Ecuador to Argentina via Cape Horn. His presentation will include photos of sunny beaches, local islanders and occasional gatherings of fellow cruisers at some of their favorite spots from Baja, Central and South America and the south seas.

He will also recount his passage around notorious Cape Horn, dealing with 50-knot winds, blown sails, gear failures, an electrical fire and a punishing knockdown off the Falklands.

Hartjoy is preparing for another solo rounding of Cape Horn. This time going east in an attempt at a nonstop circumnavigation via the five Great Capes. His plan is to accomplish this feat in about five months, and he has vowed to not use his engine or accept outside assistance.

He plans to leave Ecuador around Halloween, and with any luck, hopes to arrive back in Ecuador by his 70th birthday next April.

Hartjoy will share his enthusiasm, determination and sense of humor with all who attend the special presentation.

The program beings at 7:30 p.m. Aug. 25 at the Longbranch Improvement Club Hall, 4312 Key Peninsula Highway, Longbranch. Admission is free.