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Trio Guadalevín delights Harbor History Museum concertgoers

With one of many of the stringed instruments on which he is expert, August “Gus” Denhard produces captivating music.
With one of many of the stringed instruments on which he is expert, August “Gus” Denhard produces captivating music. Special to the Gateway

The Third Thursday performances at the Harbor History Museum have had a strong following since the program’s debut.

Last week’s performance by Trio Guadalevín was no exception.

The Trio is made up of percussionist par excellence Antonio Gomez; stringed instruments player August “Gus” Denhard, and vocalist and stringed instruments player Abel Rocha. Violinist Sophia El-Wakil, a University of Puget Sound graduate, added to the beauty of the sounds on some productions.

Denhard, Trio Guadalevín’s executive director of the Early Music Guild of Seattle, played a variety of plucked instruments at the July 28 concert.

“It was a pleasure to see so many people who were ready to be engaged not only in the music, but in the ideas that flowed from it,” Denhard said. “I love being part of Trio Guadalevín for the beauty of music, of course, but even more so because it represents a kind of dialogue we need to develop with those around us.”

How do we collaborate across cultural divides to support and uplift each other with so many negative forces at work? This musical dialogue, which we have had to nurture to create Trio Guadalevín, is a touchstone for me. If we can pass that message on through our music, it’s a start.”

“We were delighted with the wonderful concert.” said Alphild Dick, the museum’s marketing & events coordinator. “The entire experience — from the delicious canapes by our caterer, Kiona Forsyth, to the fascinating history of the music we heard, to the music itself — was a joy. We have had a fantastic series of performers at our monthly concerts this year, but the sense of history and community at this one was really special.”

Declared Gomez: “We were absolutely thrilled to share an evening of music and stories, accompanied by delicious food and wine, with the welcoming audience at the Harbor History Museum. Each of us enjoyed the privilege of the audience’s enthusiasm and it inspired us to offer more musically.”

Trio Guadalevín is dedicated to exploring the deep currents of cultural dialogue that connect Latin American song to its inspirations in Indigenous Meso-American, Southern European, Arabic, African and Sephardic Jewish music, Gomez said.

“Along the way, we are honored to share historical accounts, poetry and stories that remind us how various societies — though seemingly distinct — have common threads which weave them together,” he said.

For more information, contact Gómez, at 510-484-5168. The Trio’s website is