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Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One Reports for March 16 – 22

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Total Reports: 111

Back injury

March 16 — A man was at a friend’s house helping in his yard. While attempting to pull out a small tree root by hand, he felt a pop in his lower back, causing him to lose sensation in his feet and legs. He was able to hold onto another tree before falling to the ground. He told crews he has a history of lower back pain but nothing like this had happened to him before. Crews noted he was unable to sit up or stand. He was moved to the medic unit using a transfer device and was transported for further evaluation.

Motor vehicle accident

March 16 — A man was driving on Wollochet Drive when he began feeling the car shake in the front end and swerve to the left. The car hit a large landscape boulder which launched the car in the air a few feet. Upon landing, the car continued and hit another landscape boulder, causing the car to spin 180 degrees. The patient told crews he was sure he lost consciousness for a few seconds, and he was complaining of neck, shoulder and knee pain. When crews arrived, they found the patient had self-extricated. They noted a small laceration on his upper arm, and a 2-inch gouge below his elbow that was bleeding. His arm was bandaged, he was placed in a c-collar and on a backboard. He was transported for further care.

Patient fall

March 20 — A man was doing exterior work on his home when he fell 16 feet from his ladder. He told crews that he landed, felt pain and lost consciousness. When he woke, he was complaining of arm pain. During their evaluation, crews noted abrasions on his hip and an obvious compound fracture of his left forearm. Crews cleaned the wound on his arm and placed it in a vacuum splint, and established pain management with medication. He was transported for further care.

Neck pain

March 21 — A woman was doing an intense workout at her gym when she felt a tweak in her neck causing her to feel lightheaded and nauseated. She walked to her car and drover herself to the chiropractor. Her chiropractor told her he wouldn’t work on her due to symptoms and called 911. She told crews that she was feeling pain on the right side of her neck that shoots into her the top of her head. Crews carried her to the gurney and transported her for further evaluation.