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Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One Reports for March 23-29

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Total Reports: 137

Patient fall

March 23 — A man was found lying on his porch; he had been working on the roof of his porch when he lost balance and fell. He told crews that when he fell, he felt his left ankle break. Crews noted that the patient had a small abrasion to the bridge of his nose. He also had an obvious deformity to his left ankle, and stated his ankle felt numb with no pain. Crews applied a splint to his ankle and transported him for a possible fracture.

Motor Vehicle Accident

March 25 — A Honda Civic was traveling on state Route 16 when it left the roadway and struck a tree off the right shoulder. Crews noted significant damage around a majority of the vehicle with heavy intrusion on the front passenger side. Both occupants of the vehicle were conscious and alert, passenger was entrapped in the vehicle. The driver was complaining of a throbbing headache. She was placed on a backboard and transported. The passenger told crews he had been drinking so he didn’t drive, and had fallen asleep in the car. He woke up to the car being crushed and his girlfriend (the driver) screaming. He was complaining of head pain, arm pain and pain in both legs. He told crews he was getting tired and wanted to go to sleep. Crews extricated him from the vehicle through the back window on a backboard. They noted bruising and a laceration to his forehead, and an obvious deformity to his right leg. He was transported for further care.

Elbow dislocation

March 26 —Patient was at wrestling practice with teammates. Patient was taken down by another teammate while practicing, and his arm was pinned to his side. The coach told crews that the patient attempted to brace his fall with his left arm and immediately complained of pain. Crews noted that the patient’s elbow was obviously deformed, indicating a dislocation. Crews applied a vacuum splint to his arm and he was transported for further care.

Shoulder dislocation

March 29 — Patient was guarding another player during a basketball game. The other player pushed into the patient’s arm where he then felt a pop, followed by pain. The other players confirmed the shoulder was dislocated and called 911. Crews arrived and found that the patient was in a lot of pain and had a clear dislocation. He was moved the medic unit where they placed a sling on his arm. He was given medication to control the pain and transported for further care.