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Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One Reports for April 6-12

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Total Reports: 113

Patient fall

April 7 — A man was walking outside of his house when his right foot slipped on wet pavement and slid behind him, causing him to fall and twist his ankle. His wife helped him up and assisted him into the house. Over the next two hours, the patient began feeling nauseous, developed chills, and was unable to get warm so 911 was called. Crews found that he had minor swelling to his ankle, minor abrasions to his knee, and minor lower back pain. They applied a vacuum splint to the ankle. He was transported for further care.

Vehicle vs. pedestrian

April 9 — A man was getting ready to leave for work when he noticed a suspicious vehicle in his driveway. He entered his car and followed the vehicle to a dead-end street. He stepped out of his car and started walking towards the suspicious vehicle when the driver started driving towards the patient. The patient was struck in the lower legs pushed up over the hood, and off to the side of the vehicle into bushes. When crews arrived they found that he remembered the entire event, and the car was not going more than 10 mph. He explained to crews that it felt as though the wind was knocked out of him. He had superficial scrapes to his forehead, secondary cuts from sticker bushes. He was transported for further evaluation.

Patient fall

April 9 — A man was up a ladder approximately 9 feet when he fell, landing on a wood deck. He was driven to an urgent care facility where staff reported that he was nauseous and sweating heavily. Crews found he had minor abrasions and swelling to his forehead, and pain in his right elbow. He was placed in full spinal precautions, his arm was splinted and he was transported for further care.


April 11 — A woman called 911 due to a persistent nosebleed that began from blowing her nose. Crews attempted to stop the bleed with a nose clip and gauze, but an hour later the bleeding continued so crews returned to her home. They found that her nose clip was still in place, but the bleeding continued past it. They noted that the patient was on a blood thinner, so it was decided she would be transported for further care.