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Airport changes from round-the-clock access to scheduled hours

Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy is tweaking security measures at the county’s two airports.

In September, a 24-hour security gate was installed at Puyallup’s Thun Field; a similar gate is set to open at the Tacoma Narrows Airport this spring.

There will be set hours, rather than 24-hour intercom key card service. Access gates will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, beginning Thursday.

Businesses and tenants of the Tacoma Narrows Airport had reservations about the 24-hour gate being installed, expressing concerns about a loss of business by impeding customer access.

The change from round-the-clock to set hours was made after six months of feedback from tenets, pilots and customers at Thun Field.

“We need to balance the ability of airport businesses to meet their customers’ needs with measures to keep the airports secure,” McCarthy said in a release. “After listening to input from airport commissions, businesses and customers, I decided that allowing access during weekday business hours is a reasonable compromise.”

The ordinance to keep the gates open on weekdays is scheduled for final consideration by the county council on April 14.