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2015 Students of Distinction: Christian Lewis

Christian Lewis is an outstanding scholar and athlete who’s been described as an individual with a strong work ethic and desire to work hard.

He started playing soccer as a young child, later adding baseball, basketball and tennis to his list of interests.

“I love competition. I think it’s a character builder,” he said. “Winning is great but losing really helps you build character and is one of the toughest things to go through.”

A high school varsity tennis player for four years, Lewis competed in doubles at the state tournament twice, and will compete again this year. He also enjoys the team aspect of baseball and soccer because “you learn to rely on other people and you celebrate together when you win.”

“Christian was one of the most enjoyable and hardworking young men I have had the pleasure of coaching in my life,” said C. Stephen Sutton, his baseball coach who has known Lewis for 10 years.

“His positive energy brought his teammate up when they felt down. That positive energy was also an important component of what made our entire team a success,” Sutton said.

Lewis, who has maintained a near-perfect GPA, said academics always came first. That means sometimes he had to make sacrifices.

“If I wanted to get better on a test, I’d skip practice to study,” he said. “I’ve had to develop a certain work level and a schedule.”

He considers his broad involvement in sports — including participation in two sports in one season — his highest achievement.

“I’ve been able to keep up my competitive drive and determination to play sports,” he said.

Last year, Lewis became involved with the school newspaper, The Outlook, as a reporter.

“The hardest thing for me was to come out of my shell,” he said.

This year, he is serving as the editor-in-chief, and says the best part is being able to do something for others.

“As a leader, he is organized, thoughtful and creative,” newspaper adviser Andrew Hosford said. “His peers respect him for his work ethic and the fact that he takes the time to build relationships with each of them.”

Lewis plans to study engineering, potentially in the bio or biomedical field. He hasn’t decided on his preferred college yet.

“Christian is an extremely intelligent young man,” Sutton said. “I have always been impressed with his work ethic ... (he’s) continually working hard to accomplish a task.”