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2015 Students of Distinction: Tristan Peloquin

Tristan Peloquin is a star athlete whose made athletics a major part of his life. He began with soccer and T-ball in preschool and by second grade was participating in select teams.

He said he’s dreamed of being a soccer player, but after he began running in middle school, he switched.

“Part of it was because I was very successful, but I also loved the people who were involved, so I enjoyed it more,” he said.

In high school, he dedicated himself to cross-country and track. Peloquin transformed into a highly decorated athlete with a long list of accolades that include national titles.

His highest athletic achievement was helping lead his cross-country team last year to the national title, as well as being named All-American.

Peloquin plans to continue running on the cross-country and track teams in college. He says he’s been preparing for the rigor of Division I athletics throughout high school.

“To prepare for the next level, it starts as a high school freshman,” he said. “Every year, you do a little more. It’s all about developing slowly.”

Peloquin comes from a family of athletes, including his parents, older brothers and twin sister. All three of his siblings were nominated for Student of Distinction and had notable high school athletic careers.

Academic achievement is another family tradition. Peloquin has maintained an excellent GPA while taking many rigorous classes.

“Our parents set expectations that school comes first and you can’t slack off. It’s tough to be an athlete and get good grades because you have to manage your time well,” he said.

His English teacher, Rebecca Wenrich, said Peloquin doesn’t “shudder in the face of challenges.”

“He realizes the path is riddled with obstacles and he welcomes them,” she said. “He possesses a true curiosity about life, people and certainly his academics. … He has the determination and commitment to excel at the next level, and with it, he will get there.”

One of Peloquin’s interests is firefighting. He’s been volunteering for the local fire department, going on ride-alongs and helping out at events. He originally considered a career as a firefighter but will likely pursue a career in nursing, after being accepted to University of Portland’s school of nursing.

“I want a major related to the medical field. I love helping people,” he said. “I wanted a field where I can come to work not knowing what to expect and be active on my feet.”