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Poll finds Communities In Schools helps remove barriers to student success

Communities In Schools, the nation’s leading organization dedicated to keeping students in school, recently partnered with Public Opinion Strategies to conduct a poll of more than 700 educators across the U.S.

Researchers found that poverty has a major effect on student success as well as educator time and resources. The consensus of teachers polled was that many schools are in need of dedicated professionals trained to connect students to community resources.

While most educators are satisfied with their local schools, 88 percent acknowledged the difficulties caused by poverty and its effects on student success.

Researchers found that poverty is often manifested in other areas such as disruptive behavior, chronic absenteeism, and poor student health. Students in poverty may also have difficulties focusing in class which will affect their grades and future success.

In addition, many teachers are using their own time and resources to help students with non-educational issues. The poll indicated that on average, teachers spend 20 percent of their time helping students address problems outside the classroom. The time and resources teachers pour into non-educational aid for students can reduce their ability to address the needs of the whole class.

Polled educators almost unanimously agreed that the solution to addressing such challenges is a trained and dedicated person to work with these students and their families. In fact, 94 percent of teachers favored bringing dedicated staff into schools from the local community to provide support to students and families with the greatest needs.

Communities In Schools has been providing integrated student supports to school districts across the U.S. for nearly 40 years. Of teachers polled, 80 percent of those with CIS programs in their districts believed that Communities In Schools has positively impacted student success in their district.

CIS is a national network of affiliates working in schools across 25 states to move students toward graduation and help them achieve in life. Communities In Schools of Peninsula (CISP) serves children and families in the Peninsula School District. CISP’s main office is on the Key Peninsula in Vaughn.

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