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Letters to the Editor, April 27

Congress should protect healthcare for all

In response to your coverage of the new administration and Congress: Congress and the White House are at it again. Stripping health insurance from millions of low-income Americans? Risking the health of children, seniors and people with disabilities? All to give a tax break to the top one-percent? We deserve better from our elected officials.

Last month we narrowly avoided disaster when the House health care bill failed at the last minute. Now there’s talk of trying to jam through another version of that bad bill in the next two weeks. It would still end Medicaid as we know it and strip health coverage from 24 million Americans. And if that wasn’t enough, it now also threatens people with pre-existing conditions.

I hope we can count on our members of Congress to listen to the people they were elected to represent. They need to protect Medicaid and reject this bad proposal.

Judy Arbogast, Olalla

Concerned citizens should attend May 1 workstudy session

Every Gig Harbor citizen should attend the May 1 Work Study Session on the Haub property.

The Haub family owns three parcels in downtown Gig Harbor.

It is abhorrent that the mayor and city council has the audacity to ignore the current zoning rules and consider allowing the Cheney Foundation to build 10 units, 35 apartments, and 85 parking spaces in an area that is zoned for only four units.

The apartment area is the triangle, at the corner of Soundview and Harborview Dr. where our Gig Harbor herons are roosting. The Cheneys want taller buildings sitting closer together; gated and completely clear cut of all vegetation. They plan to destroy the wildlife habitat and all the ecosystem therein.

The Cheney family has said that perhaps they will give the Boat Barn to the city. But they will not give the Boat Barn parking to the city.

Several years ago Gig Harbor citizens chose words they want Gig Harbor to be known by: Views, Walkable, Quaint, Historic, Water Oriented and Water Accessible.

The mayor, council and city staff work for us. They are waiting to hear your thoughts on this proposed project.

Together we stand loud and proud and powerful to protect our harbor for our families, grandkids and future generations. Protecting wildlife and the environment: It’s the right thing to do!

Jeni Woock, Gig Harbor