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Letters to the Editor, July 6

Why does the city council ignore the pleas of its residents?

Re: “Mayor casts tie-breaking vote as One Harbor Point project takes next step forward in development agreement process” (Gateway, June 28).

Dozens of concerned community members filled the Gig Harbor Civic Center for over four hours to plead with city council members in an effort to cease moving forward with the Cheney developers gated apartment compound on the waterfront. The 2.27 acres on Soundview Drive will be completely clear cut, increase the already insane traffic and parking; it will create toxic runoff directly into the bay and violate zoning codes.

Why does the community of Gig Harbor have to continue to give up the beauty of our (not so little anymore) town for deep-pocketed developers due to our city council ignoring the pleas of its residents?

The community outpouring of opposition was so overwhelming and met with such obvious disgust by our Mayor Jill Guernsey it was palpable. A man who spoke in favor of the project said something along the lines of “I can’t wait for this battle to be over for my good friend (Cheney) so I can finally park my yacht outside my new waterfront home.”

Gig Harbor has been sold out and the city council has blood on their hands. This is shamefully all about the money.

Lauren Picard, Gig Harbor

Attacks on Jensen are uncalled for, highly offensive

I find Ms. Richter’s comments in her Letter to the Editor regarding Jim Jensen’s candidacy for Tacoma Port Commissioner highly offensive. Enough already with the class envy! Because Mr. Jensen and President Trump happen to be people of means how does that render them unfit to hold office? Left wing liberals revel in attacking successful people. Where was your disgust for the billionaire Clintons and all of their questionable business dealings and astronomical speaking fees? Mr. Jensen is a devoted and generous family man. His involvements with children’s charities and civic groups have lifted many who are in need, are done appropriately, out of public view. Extreme leftist, liberal environmental groups and disgruntled detractors love to lay in wait, like political snipers, poised to pick off anyone not in lock step with their radical, socialist and fascist ideologies. If every word that any of us had ever said, no matter how long ago, was paraded through the town square, I doubt any of us would survive. So let’s stop with the imperious, judgmental snarkiness, shall we? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Jill Williams, Gig Harbor