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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 14

We’ve become a sprawling metropolis

There’s not enough ire at what the Gig Harbor City Council working with Planning Commission have done to life in Gig Harbor. We’ve become a sprawling metropolis snarled in one traffic jam after another.

They’ve allowed unfettered building without the benefit of adequate ingress/egress to these sprawling shopping centers surrounding Gig Harbor. Getting across state Route 16 via the Olympic Drive overpass is one of the worst traffic situations city leaders have foisted on us. Getting across 16 on Wollochet Dr. is fast becoming just as bad. North Gig Harbor has become a roundabout speedway where the fastest and biggest make sure they’re the first in and out. Builders must be grinning from ear to ear knowing they can come they can build but need only put in a side walk or two as consideration for permits.

If there ever was a time to seat new thinking in the politics of Gig Harbor this is the time. Voting for the status quo is not an option unless you’re happy wasting time in one traffic jam after another along with the madcap building boom. Also be conscious that the City Council appoints the volunteers to the Planning Commission.

Jim Groves, Gig Harbor

Balliett is wise choice for school board

We’re happy to support Noelle Balliett’s campaign this fall to serve on the Peninsula School District’s board of directors.

We appreciate her work as a psychologist helping veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, and we like her emphasis on fiscal responsibility, accountability, and having the right information at hand before making decisions — things that too often seem to fall by the wayside in this day and age.

Also impressive were her recent thoughts in the Gateway about M&O tax rates and the need to protect retirees and people on fixed incomes, all while finding creative ways to fund our schools in a sustainable fashion and help students succeed. She has our vote!

Tom and Charlene Graybill, Wauna