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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 21

New leadership is needed

In 25 years of being part of the Gig Harbor community, I have never been more frustrated. I am frustrated with traffic, frustrated with overcrowded schools and frustrated with a city government who is mocking zoning codes and the voice of the people.

At a recent City Council meeting, I watched the mayor turn a blind eye to hundreds of citizens voicing concern that the city is moving forward with the One Harbor Point development, which who is asking for 20-plus variances to the existing zoning codes.

Developers are not to blame. It is the city’s responsibility to hold them accountable to existing codes, and to have a comprehensive infrastructure plan in place before additional concessions are made. Three cheers to city Council member Steve Ekberg, who listened to the voice of the people that night and changed his vote.

Growth and development needs to be responsible, and there needs to be a united front to preserve the uniqueness of our historic community so that generations will want to keep coming here to enjoy its beauty.

Gig Harbor needs honest, responsible leadership who will hire expert professionals to help our community grow and thrive.

Kit Kuhn needs to be our next mayor.

Marla Morgan, Gig Harbor

City needs a mayor who faces reality

Our present mayor, Jill Guernsey, has presided over a city that continues to grow and prosper. While many of the present projects predate her term as mayor, she has a real grasp on the realities of growth in the Puget Sound Area and the constraints that are placed on us by the Growth Management Act, Pierce County and the state; as well as the economy.

Don’t be fooled by sound bites that Gig Harbor can stop growth and solve all it’s challenges by electing someone else! Sounds nice, but not based on the real world we live in! Check her record and transparency before you cast that ballot and you will see that her experience and dedication are what Gig Harbor requires.

There is no option of electing a “no growth” candidate. We need a mayor that sees the realities and will face them honestly for the future.

Dave Christian, Gig Harbor

Re-elect David Olson for school board

The Peninsula School Board (PSB) race is supposed to be non-partisan. However, all indications are that the extremist group “Indivisible,” along with very liberal “Progressive” Democrats, have packaged a candidate with very little local history and no community experience to suddenly challenge an established effective long time local leader and business executive, David Olson.

David’s contribution’s to the PSB, the County Charter Commission and the boards of many community nonprofits are examples of his commitment to our community. David’s only shortcoming is his lack of allegiance to progressive politics and the harmful measures they take to tear a community apart. The Gig Harbor community is a peaceful place. Lets keep it that way and re-elect David Olson.

Dan White, Fox Island