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Letters to the Editor for the week of March 15

Revisiting fast food in Millville

Oh, what a tangled web Mrs. Jeni Woock has weaved for her constituents. Woock is working hard to create a climate of fear, misdirection and constant conflict within the sleepy little Gig Harbor community of waterfront Millville. She is stirring up far more problems, headaches and discontent with her misrepresentations of Mr. Stearns’ intentions to create a restaurant row than any number of restaurants could justify.

I challenge any rational thinking member of the community to agree with Woock’s or Mrs. Olivier’s fantasy of what might happen. Once again, Woock is showing off her hallucinogenic map of the area depicting nine restaurants along Harborview Drive within Millville to include fast food. If either of these women actually understood how much time, effort and money was spent on the Brix 25 buildout, they would be ashamed of their accusations.

Councilwoman Woock went before the March 5 Building and Planning Commission meeting to open dialogue regarding a hard closing time for restaurants 2 and 3 in Millville. The conversation quickly turned to repeal of the existing zoning code to allow restaurants 2 and 3 within a specific geographical location of Millville with a last seating of 9:30pm; (Ordinance 1312 § 2, 2015). According to City Planning Director Jennifer Kester, any restaurants grandfathered in under the current ordinance, should repeal occur, would still be allowed to operate under the original conditional use permit as non-conforming.

The circus atmosphere that Woock is attempting to create is more in line with “Whoville” than Millville. This discussion will continue before City Council at 5:30 p.m. April 23 with planned public comment. I would encourage anybody to listen to the March 5 meeting’s audio and attend the upcoming council meeting. Olivier said in her letter to the editor (Gateway, March 8) that her voice was not listened to the last time. I can assure you that her voice was heard.

I challenge anybody to look at the recent building projects on the Stearns’ property and declare them an eye sore or a detractor to the charm of Millville. I wonder if Olivier remembers the above ground fuel tanks that once were the view from her living room window. Talk about charm!

John Moist, Arabella’s Landing Marina general manager

Peninsula schools give this community more than education

After growing up in Gig Harbor and moving away for eight years for school, I always knew I would come back. Life is good here. We have a wonderful community and schools.

The schools need our support now more than ever. We have overcrowding issues at many of our elementary schools. We have safety and security issues that cannot be ignored. Our community should vote yes for the school bond in April.

I attended Peninsula schools and am now a parent of kids who attend Peninsula schools. I want our kids to feel supported and safe. I want them to appreciate their educational experience and have a deep appreciation for where they came from.

When I see people I went to school with who have returned to Gig Harbor, it makes me proud. There are firefighters, police officers, real estate agents, restaurant owners, business owners, physicians, nurses, social workers, coaches, attorneys, teachers, principals, stay-at-home parents amd volunteers. We are successful and vital members of this community because we care about it — and that stems from our positive educational experiences where we felt supported.

Our schools give this community so much. They provide the fields and gyms for sports clubs, auditoriums for dance studios and private school performances, tracks for the public to jog and walk on. These are not only school facilities, they are community facilities and we, as a community, must support them. Join me in voting yes for the school bond to support our schools and community.

Amy Lester, Gig Harbor