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Cheers and Jeers, March 11

Jeers to the people who drove by, honked and gestured to my 18-year-old daughter when her car ran out of gas at the Point Fosdick intersection (the gauge stopped functioning properly in the vehicle). She was upset, humiliated and questioning the kindness of our community when no one stopped to help her push the car out of the intersection for more than 10 minutes. Thank you to the kind gentlemen that finally came to her aide from KFC, and the other gentleman as well.

Cheers to the people who obey the posted signs at Sehmel Park and keep their dogs leashed.

Jeers to the “rules don’t apply to me” dog people who let them run loose and they “accidentally” jump on people. The Rotary Bark park is just up the road take them over there to run off-leash!

Jeers to the fact we only get blockbuster movies in Gig Harbor. Why do we have to cross the bridge for thoughtful films such as "Imitation," "Marigold Hotel" and "Still Alice?” Give us some depth, please.