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Proof editorial cartoons tell story of the region

With the selection of an editorial cartoon (as seen on this page) drawn by 9-year-old Addie Chuhran as the winner in The Peninsula Gateway’s editorial cartoon contest promotion with the Harbor History Museum, the months-long contest came to a successful close.

During a visit to the museum last week to meet the charming — and talented — winner, I also got to revisit the “Outside the Lines” exhibit after it opened in early December 2014 and chat with museum staff and the man behind the exhibit, our own Don Snowden, for a little perspective.

Snowden had a good time discussing tricks of the trade with Addie and her mother — and reflecting on all of the more than 2,000 cartoons he and the staff combed through to find just the right pieces to tell the story of Gig Harbor and the surrounding area.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” Snowden said of his participation in the exhibit.

Snowden not only had a lot of his friends from Gig Harbor visit the museum to check out the exhibit, but also had a few of his friends who had never been to the museum come see it. Some of them didn’t even know about his hidden talent (although that’s not a much of a surprise to me; Snowden isn’t one to talk about himself). Snowden was especially touched by a handful of veterans who approached him and thanked him for the collection of military-related cartoons posted in the lobby before the main entrance to the exhibit.

Casey Demory, the museum’s program and exhibit manager, said overall feedback on the the exhibit was overwhelmingly positive.

“A lot of people came in with a sense of humor,” she said.

I thought it was interesting that people visiting from out of town found the exhibit as an interesting way to learn a lot about Gig Harbor. Sure, people who live and work here like to poke fun at the roundabouts, bridge tolls and small town politics, but can someone from Nebraska learn something about the Maritime City by reading a selection of editorial cartoons? Apparently the answer is yes.

“They are experiencing history in a different way,” Demory said.

Students of Distinction profiles

Over the last week, I’ve been going through the many 2015 Students of Distinction applications submitted from students at Gig Harbor, Peninsula and Henderson Bay high schools. It continues to amaze me how much effort, dedication and hard work these students put into their schoolwork, athletics, volunteer opportunities and extra curricular activities.

Starting next week, readers will get to know these outstanding students, as we will run several profiles with a picture each week for the next nine weeks leading up to the banquet on May 20 at Chapel Hill church.

Prepare to be amazed.