Gateway: Opinion

Cheers and Jeers, March 25

Cheers to Vic and Lucas at the Borgen Blvd. Subway for handling a very busy Saturday night when they were left shorthanded by someone calling in sick. Both of you were cheerful and efficient. The line was to the door as apparently a soccer game had just ended. You guys were awesome and just kept on working and getting the job done. I contacted the Subway corporate office to let them know, too!

Cheers to J, J and P. of F.I. for your wonderful help and support on March 17. You are three special ladies.

Jeers to the drivers who park their vehicles on the right and left side of Kimball and Erickson Street. You make me veer into incoming traffic and pedestrians. If you work for the car wash, consider parking your vehicle at the park & ride across the street and walking 50 feet.

Jeers to the mayor, the city council and posse of 88 survey respondents for pulling the rug from under a very successful downtown Farmer's Market. Despite the continuous bashing from the city, we were not just an arts and crafts market. The actions have had a huge impact on the livelihood of the vendors who no longer have that venue twice a week.

Jeersto big bank-sponsored credit card companies that allow phone payments on the due date, yet assess a late fee if the call comes late in the day and after they close their "batch" at their east coast processing center. They will remove the charge only after a lengthy discussion with customer service. Watch your statements and keep track of when the payment is called in.

Cheers to Harlan Gallinger and team for the Early Learning Jamboree held Saturday at the YMCA in Gig Harbor. It was well attended and ran without a hitch. Parents and kids got to talk with school district personnel and educators from many private and preschools. A valuable and fun event! We were proud to represent the Gig Harbor Library, part of the Pierce County System.

Cheers to Haggen NW Fresh for your generous donation to the Food Backpacks 4 Kids. We appreciate your thinking of us and, of course, welcome to the neighborhood. We look forward to getting to know you better!