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Letters to the Editor, March 25

Community should support kayak club’s move

I am disturbed by the report (Gateway, March 19) that the Gig Harbor Canoe and Kayak Club is going to be without a home. It seems they have to leave Skansie Park and would like to temporarily put their boats next to the Eddon Boat Shop but Eddon doesn't want them there. Boat Shop president Guy Hoppen is quoted as saying "the Eddon Boatyard site cannot support two robust organizations," but it appears the house next door where boats could be stored isn't being used. The house would also provide a place for the young boaters to stash their backpacks, etc. when they are out.

The canoe and kayak club is a wholesome activity for our youth. They are doing very well and have proven to be a winning team. The community needs to support them. Let us not deter them.

Kathy Strickland

Gig Harbor