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Cheers and Jeers, April 1

Cheers to the men in the company truck going down Soundview on Monday who called 911 when they saw our dad lying in his driveway along Soundview. We friends and family so much appreciate your action that probably saved his life. Thank you very much.

Cheers to the Union 76 on Pioneer and Kimball. I locked myself out of the car when fueling, and one of the employees who works there tried to get into my car for at least 30 minutes. And a lady behind me who was fueling up in a white BMW would not leave until my car was unlocked. She made a call to AAA for me and finally realized OnStar could open the car immediately. This was at least an hour event and everyone went beyond the call of duty.

Cheers to Brownie Troop 44067 for the donation of 120 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. We appreciate all your hard work and thank you for thinking of our Kids!

Cheers to Kathy Weymiller and the Peninsula School District for bringing in an expert on Cyber Safety last week to the middle school students and their parents. Excellent presentations, invaluable information, and great conversations started in PSD families regarding what it means to be good digital citizens. Once again, thank you PSD for providing a strong education and creating a safe environment for our kids to learn and grow.

Jeers to to the builders of the illegal extreme dirt jumps (not for kids) at Kopachuck Middle School dug in secret over the last four months. No one contacted PSD about building beforehand. No one has the right to take over a piece of anyone’s property (school, park or private) and use it for their own purposes. Please work with PenMet on a safe, well-planned out BMX track at one of their facilities instead of rallying people against the school district.