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Life is about holding on tightly to good memories

A song our Conchord group just sang notes, “Will it be fair — will it be rain? We sit around and just complain!”

June tends to be a month with unpredictable weather, and as graduations and travel plans begin, we hope the rains won’t douse our spirits on our special occasions.

Within these past few weeks, we’ve had some family changes, with more to come.

A granddaughter’s wedding, 5/10/15 as the selected date, was Mother’s Day. One of the best Mom’s Days I’ve experienced, with most of our kids and grands and the two adorable great-grands in attendance, as well as much extended family.

This bride, with stepmoms and a stepdad in her life, who consider her and siblings as part of “their” family, chose to include them all in this occasion. She came down the aisle with both dads, and noted all of the moms in a thank-you speech later.

One of the special moments was when her dad, our son, danced with her to a recording of a song he wrote when she was two, “Dance with me, Daddy.”

Not many dry eyes there, especially for her sister, 11. I whispered he’d do that for her someday, and she nodded and smiled through her tears.

Two grandsons graduate from high school this year and head for college, one to Chicago, and one near his new home. His dad, who’s been commuting from Washington, D.C. since getting a new job last fall, plans to have the family moved to Virginia by early summer.

They’ve been packing, cleaning, repairing, etc., for months, and my hubby has been helping as much as he can, mostly to spend as much time as possible with our son before he’s on the other side of the country.

When they’re back there and the grandson in Chicago, less than half our immediate family (kids and grands) will be left in western Washington!

However, the granddaughter and hubby in California hope to return next year, and our son plans to be back when he retires.

A memorial gathering for a cousin was another recent family reunion, as they usually are. The changes that have come in my lifetime regarding funerals has been a plus in my opinion. Yes, we grieve those we’ve lost, but we share all the good memories, and greet family and friends we haven’t seen in a while, even if we “keep in touch” other ways.

I find I always learn something new and positive about the deceased, even when I thought I knew them well.

We’ve recently lost friends, but also made new ones, some family and friends have suffered serious illness or physical difficulties, but we’ve just had word of a miraculous recovery, too. A girl who lost a fingertip several months ago finds it’s growing a new fingernail!

Changes in our country’s politics and power are sometimes subtle and other times like a thunderbolt. News comes via social networks as well as TV, newspapers and magazines, but moves faster these days, with opportunities for all to comment with their own views.

Whether wholly true, partly or totally untrue, we as citizens need to study and learn and ferret out the truth as near as we can, especially as elections draw ever nearer. Election changes do affect us all.

Several friends sent a YouTube link I finally took time to open. The Texas Tenors singing “God Bless the USA” is a tear-jerker, but very appropriate for this country at this time. I recommend it.

Perhaps all seasons are times of change, but some seem more emphatic. Let’s keep the good memories and move on.