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Cheers and Jeers

Cheers to the gentleman I saw picking up litter along Sehmel Drive. What a great citizen you are! I hope you inspire others to help with your efforts. And major jeers to those who despoil our beautiful area by tossing drink cans and cups out of your car windows! City Council: please post litter-prone areas as Litter Free Zones so the fines for those caught littering will make the litterbugs think again.

Cheers to finally having a Public Hearing on traffic at Olympic/Pt Fosdick Dr. set for 1:30 p.m. June 18 at the Civic Center.

Jeers to the City of Gig Harbor, which would not support having this public hearing after working hours. Why?

Cheersto the Department of Transportation and its cooperative efforts that enabled the Gig Harbor Rotary Club to remove brush from the northbound Wollochet interchange area just in time for the U.S. Open.

Cheers to the person who found my cellphone on June 3 and turned it in to the police station. Cheers to the police who returned it to me. It is my lifeline, and I am most appreciative.

Cheers to the Gig Harbor Marina and Boatyard. The Gig Harbor Canoe and Kayak Racing Team wishes to express its thanks to Mr. Ronald Roark and the Gig Harbor Marina and Boatyard for their gracious offer of support to our team. Our team has the privilege of hosting a prestigious Team USA High Performance Canoe Sprint Camp later this month, to train athletes from around the U.S. for their upcoming international competitions. Mr. Roark has offered covered space in his marina where we can store the high performance team racing boats we are bringing in for the camp. We are very grateful for generous Gig Harbor citizens such as Mr. Roark and the many others who support our team in ways like this, as we help prepare these talented young athletes to represent our country, and as we aim to win our community a fourth straight national championship in Sprint Canoe and Kayak racing. We cannot do it without you.