Gateway: Opinion

Cheers and Jeers, June 24

Cheers to the young lady at Happy at the Bay Teriyaki. She greets us every time and remembers where we like to sit. The thing that blows our mind is that she remembers what we want to order to eat! It would be so different if we could go every week ... but it’s sometimes two months between visits and she still remembers! We often wonder if it’s just us, or all their “regulars.” She is one amazing lady!.

Cheers to the summertime series Sounds of Skansie and the delightful professional group of singers, The Coats. The performance was much enjoyed by the many people attending the show. Cheers also to the city for coordinating great outdoor tunes.

Jeers to negligent parents who let their young children stay after they were invited up in front of the stage to disrespect the evening performance. Dancing is great, but the continuous running around, head stands, cartwheels, swinging little friends around, just generally disruptive behavior by the kids was very, very annoying. The front of the stage is not meant to be a children’s playground area.

Cheers to the Gig Harbor Police Department for initiating the bicycle patrol along the Cushman Trail. Cheers also to the friendly and informative bicycle officer we met on our daily walk on the trail.

Cheers to the Downtown Waterfront Alliance and Harbor WildWatch for sponsoring and conducting the Waterfront Walking Tours. It's a great way to spend a couple of hours walking the harbor and learning about some of Gig Harbor's great marine, fishing and coastal heritage.