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Cheers and Jeers, July 1

Jeers to the leadfoot drivers who use Crescent Valley Drive NW as a speedway. Even more jeers to law enforcement officers who fail to enforce the 35 mph speed limit. Residents fear for their lives when they have to cross that road to get to their mail.

Jeers to Pierce County for allowing personal fireworks sales at a time when our area is in drought condition, a burn ban is in effect, brush fires happen on a daily basis, and our emergency rooms are full of careless adults AND children who have blown off hands or burned themselves or others. Pets are terrified when these fireworks are going off and many run away.

Jeers to the hooligan who stole Rosedale’s recently installed “Meyer Creek” sign Monday night. Its presence on its respected post will be of greater public value than having it obscurely hanging on someone’s “trophy wall” to be thrown out with the trash when the novelty of its possession wares off. The Rosedale community would greatly appreciate having it turned in to the Rosedale Fire Station (no questions asked) for re-posting. And parents, if your name isn’t “Meyer,” that sign doesn’t belong in your house.

Jeers to the people who don't stop for people at the Kimball lighted crosswalk. Every time my husband and I try to cross after pushing the flashing lights for the crosswalk, nobody ever stops. I am in a scooter and it takes about four or five cars to pass before someone stops.

Jeers to the ossified octogenarians in our community who refused to share taxpayer purchased publicly owned property with our youth at a recent City Council meeting. Jeers to town officials who made 40 boys and girls wait three hours in their meeting, and then unanimously told them the town has no room for them.