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Community Campout at Bradley Lake Park celebrates 7th year

It’s the one day a year that camping inside the city limits of Puyallup is legal.

It’s also a chance for families to avoid loading up the car, packing a couple day’s worth of food and brushing up on how to properly light a campfire.

Saturday’s (Aug. 22) Community Campout at Bradley Lake Park celebrates its seventh year of the family friendly event. In past years, 800 people typically come out to the overnight campout.

While the preparation for Puyallup Parks and Recreation coordinator Tyler Eidson and other staff members proves to be busy, he says seeing all of the families go of the grid and spend time just hanging out makes it worth it.

“My favorite part is the time right after dinner and before the movie,” he said. “It’s fun to see the families just hang out and play cards — without the distractions of TVs and phones.”

For many, this is the first family camping trip. The goal is to provide a camping experience close to home, allowing families to show up with just sleeping bags and tents.

“Camping can sometimes be a chore,” Eidson said. “This way, they’re close to home, so if something happens they aren’t too far away.”

Live music, movies and food will all be available for families camping out.

Music includes The Islanders, a tropical steel drum group, and The Rhythm Nation, a Top 40 band. Following the music, Disney’s “Big Hero 6,” will begin at dusk.

Pre-registration for those looking to camp during the event has already closed, but Eidson says that community members are still welcome to come and enjoy the music and the movie for free.

Check-in for the campout begins at 2:30 p.m., and the live music starts at 4:30.

For more information, visit www.cityofpuyallup.org.