Puyallup: Opinion

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 21

Utility and tax raises cause difficulty for seniors

If you watch the Puyallup City Council meetings, you will usually see me sitting behind the speakers. I’m the old, almost 91-year-old war veteran following local city politics.

On Tuesday (Oct. 13) , the council gave a proclamation to the Aging in Place Coalition and I wondered if John Palmer, John Hopkins, Julie Door and Heather Shadco realized how difficult their four years of extreme utility raises and tax raises have on us seniors. I am typing this on a typewriter. I can’t afford the cost of a computer, cellphone and cable. My neighbor gives me the newspaper after they are done reading it.

Steve Vermillion, Tom Swanson and Mayor Knutsen voted against the utility raises.

Thanks for trying to leave me enough money for an envelope and stamp.

Gene Landry



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