Puyallup: Sumner

Father-son project to debut at Sumner’s US Open parade

What started as a gift of a golf cart to 8-year-old Evan Bridges from his grandparents quickly turned into a project with his father, Donovan, to convert the 1989 Yamaha G-2 golf cart to look like a World War II-era jeep.

“It was just a bone-stock golf cart,” Donovan Bridges, Evan’s father, said of the cart’s transformation. “I couldn’t have him driving around in a stock golf cart.”

For about a month, father and son worked to change out the suspension to raise the cart six inches, upgraded the tires with larger ones and rims, repainted the exterior, installed new upholstery and put in a new stereo system.

“We replaced about every bolt on the thing,” said Donovan, a Sumner resident.

Bridges’ father served in World War II, and with war history being one of his hobbies, the inspiration behind the cart was born.

“I have great respect for the armed services,” he said. “(The U.S. Open parade) seemed like a great place to show it off and bring awareness to the sacrifices that people give.”

Not only does the cart honor those who have served their country, it also provided Donovan and Evan a chance for some quality bonding time.

“He helped me out as best he could, doing some support things of handing me tools and wrenches,” Donovan said. “He’s a good helper. I think more than the project, he’s enjoyed spending time with Dad.”

Donovan and Evan have seen their cart go from something standard to something unique that turns heads wherever they take it.

“I get anywhere from 5-year-old kids to 85-year-olds giving me the thumbs up,” he said.

The retrofitted golf cart’s first public appearance will be 3 p.m. Sunday (June 14) for Sumner’s Main Street parade to kick off the U.S. Open festivities.

In addition to Bridges’ cart, the parade will feature the Sumner High School Marching Band, The Old Cannery’s double-decker red bus, Sumner’s antique fire engine, the first a procession of historic cars to celebrate the 115 years of the U.S. Open’s history, and various caddies from Chambers Bay golf course.