Puyallup: Sumner

A taste of Sumner featured at Chambers Bay during US Open

For brothers and Sumner-based small business owners Ben and Phil DeGoede, the U.S. Open provided quite the colorful windfall.

For Windmill Gardens, owned by Ben DeGoede, the event provided the company’s largest invoice it has ever delivered for one client. The transaction also benefited brother Phil’s business, DeGoede Brothers, the wholesale supplier to Windmill Gardens.

In the spirit of family business, DeGoede Brothers is the wholesale supplier of small scale trees and annual flowers to Windmill Gardens.

About a year ago, the USGA’s contractor, Clarence Davids & Co., paid a visit to Windmill Gardens and began working out a deal to bring the Sumner business’ plants to the tournament and its many vacant spaces in the Open’s Spectator Square.

“It wasn’t a competitive bid, they just felt we could do the work,” Ben DeGoede said.

Then in April, DeGoede and his staff began planting the flowers in baskets and containers.

“We supplied mostly containers and hanging baskets,” DeGoede said. “There’s 150 hanging baskets, probably three to four hundred containers of flowers. There’s some with small scale trees and shrubs combined with annual flowers. That’s our specialty; we do mostly ornamental annuals for spring time, so geraniums and petunias.”

That order also included between 600 and 700 flats for flower beds. Once the order was secured, nearly a dozen people were in charge of filling the order, delivered by a caravan of trucks from June 8 to June 10 to the 8-year-old University Place golf course.

Not only was this order the largest invoice the business ever received, DeGoede was also given comp tickets to enjoy the U.S. Open.

“We were very excited through out the whole process; it’s such an honor to be selected for it,” DeGoede said of the experience. “It’s fun to go out there and see it.”