Spanaway house had 170 pot plants, little furniture

The illegal marijuana grow was about to expand.

In addition to 70 pot plants found in two upstairs bedrooms of the Spanaway area house, a U-Haul in front held 100 plants.

“Deputies believed that it was a whole new grow operation that was in the process of being moved into the house,” records show.

Investigators said the man running the operation was Yonfu Huang, 29, who is charged with unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance and unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

Huang is to be arraigned Dec. 16.

After receiving a tip about a possible marijuana grow, Pierce County sheriff’s deputies served a warrant Oct. 31 at the house in the 5200 block of 205th Street Court East. No one was home at the time.

Huang was listed as the home’s owner, according to the Assessor’s Office, and two vehicles registered to him were parked outside.

Deputies said the house appeared to be inhabited, but noted there was minimal furniture.

There was plenty of weed, though.

Two of the three bedrooms contained most of the mature plants. The bathroom was used as the drying room. In the kitchen was a food seal bag containing 123 grams of marijuana and three gallon-bags of marijuana leaves.

Thousands of dollars worth of grow equipment was recovered from the house.

Huang was not authorized to grow marijuana, authorities said.

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