Man hits wife in face with wrench, blinds her, Pierce County prosecutors allege

A Tacoma man is charged with hitting his estranged wife in the face with a crescent wrench and leaving her blind in one eye.

The 44-year-old man was arraigned Thursday on one count of first-degree assault with a domestic violence modifier. Court Commissioner Meagan Foley set bail at $500,000.

According to charging documents:

The woman had not lived with her husband of two years for some time. He came to her home Jan. 6 and became enraged when he found out she had looked through his phone.

He laid on top of her in bed in what she said was a “loving” fashion and told her to never do that again.

Then he grabbed a 12-inch crescent wrench and hit her in the face.

The woman thought her eye had come out of her socket and ran downstairs and told her tenant what happened as her estranged husband fled.

Police learned of the incident three days later when the woman was at the hospital in recovery.

Her eye was ruptured and surgeons could not close it. She was blinded in the eye and likely will never see from it again.

She did not tell the police of details of what happened until after she had left the hospital.

“You don’t understand, this guy will kill me,” she told police. She also worried for the safety of her children.

The man told police he didn’t know anything about the incident and hadn’t seen his wife in months.

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