Grandma refused to let him drive the rental, so he allegedly doused her car with gasoline

Being told he couldn’t drive the rental car sent a 25-year-old Tacoma man into a rage.

The man had crashed his car recently, so his grandmother rented another vehicle for him and his wife. But she told him he couldn’t get behind the wheel.

On Saturday, the man’s wife reminded him of that and it “infuriated the defendant, who began to yell profanities at her and became very aggressive,” records show.

The wife feared for her safety so she left in the rental car. Her husband allegedly ran after her, punching the windows and sending her text messages that he planned to burn her clothes.

The man’s grandmother called from vacation after remotely checking a surveillance system and seeing her grandson pouring gasoline all over her car.

The wife called 911 and officers responded to the home. They arrested the man, who was sitting outside.

Inside the house, they found two chairs smashed, a vacuum cleaner busted into pieces, a coffee maker thrown on the floor, a torn couch and hair dye dumped on the carpet in two rooms.

The damages were estimated at $2,500.

The man is being held in lieu of $15,000 after pleading not guilty Monday to third-degree malicious placement of an explosive and two counts of malicious mischief.

He has been ordered not to have contact with his wife or grandmother.

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