After his car was struck by a hit-and-run driver, he followed the car and got hit again

A 63-year-old driver caused a crash in Fife and sped away, then police said he rammed the other driver’s car when the victim followed him to jot down his license plate number.

Passersby heard two men heatedly arguing, saw the wreckage and called 911 Thursday. Police arrived to find a smashed up Mazda and BMW.

It all started when the BMW turned in front of the Mazda on Pacific Highway East. The Mazda struck the BMW and its airbags deployed. The BMW didn’t stop.

The Mazda’s driver followed the BMW into a nearby parking lot to write down his license plate number.

“As he walked to the driver’s side of the defendant’s vehicle, the defendant looked right at him, put his car in gear and drove towards him,” records say. The victim “said he ran back to his vehicle, at which point the defendant rammed his car and began pushing it backwards.”

As soon as police arrived, the BMW’s driver told officers to take him to jail. They obliged.

He allegedly told them he’d smoked methamphetamine before getting behind the wheel and was pulling out of a parking lot when he was struck by the other driver.

When asked why he sped away, the BMW driver told them he didn’t have insurance so he didn’t want to stick around.

The BMW driver is being held on $50,000 bail after pleading not guilty to second-degree assault, failure to remain at an injury accident, DUI and third-degree driving on a suspended license.

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