Cheating husband got bullet for his affair

When she found out her husband was cheating, she drove to his work and fired a round at him.

At least, that’s what Pierce County prosecutors contend.

The husband “decided it was best to leave and as he began pulling his vehicle away, he observed (his wife) pull out a pistol, point it at his vehicle and fired a round,” court records show.

The bullet struck the passenger car door but he was not injured.

On Monday, she again went to his work at a Tacoma bowling alley and accused him of getting a co-worker pregnant. The argument escalated and police were called.

The husband greeted officers with his wife’s purse, which held a pistol.

As the story was told, the scorned wife told police she never fired at her husband.

She “stated the bullet hole was in his vehicle when he purchased it,” records show.

The 34-year-old woman pleaded not guilty Wednesday to first-degree assault and was released on her own recognizance.

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