They wanted to impound his vehicle. He threatened them with a rifle.

He was not going to let anybody take his broken-down car.

A letter from a Fife homeowners association warning the 42-year-old that his inoperable vehicle had to be moved away went ignored.

It didn’t happen.

On Wednesday, the Wapato Pointe South Homeowners Association sent three people to impound the car. They were greeted by an upset man who grabbed a rifle, according to court records.

“The defendant had stated that he would kill anyone who came on his property…” according to the charging papers.

The man said he was waiting on parts for the car. He allegedly waved the rifle around and warned them to get off his property.

Police were called and officers took the man’s children away. They now are with the man’s estranged wife.

While searching the home for other weapons, police said they discovered a marijuana grow.

The man pleaded not guilty Thursday to second-degree assault and was jailed in lieu of $25,000 bail.

No word on whether the car is still there.

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