Man threatens barking puppy with a gun at Puyallup dog park

The sign at an entrance to DeCoursey Park in Puyallup.
The sign at an entrance to DeCoursey Park in Puyallup. City of Puyallup

The woman thought the man was trying to help.

He asked her if she knew how to get her dog to stop barking. They were at the dog park by DeCoursey Park in Puyallup.

The man then reached in his waistband and pulled out a gun, according to the Puyallup Police Department’s account of the Thursday incident.

Police said the man pointed the gun at the woman’s dog — a puppy — and told her he would shoot the dog.

The man allegedly told the woman his own dog was worth $3,000, and he would not let the woman’s puppy hurt his dog.

Police couldn’t locate the suspect, who they said was in his sixties and wearing a blue flannel shirt.

Officers later offered some commentary about the incident on Facebook.

“We don't make this stuff up! WOW! It's a dog park for goodness sake!” the Puyallup Police Department wrote on its Facebook page.

The puppy intimidation incident took place at about 12:40 p.m. Thursday.

A manhunt didn’t appear to be underway for the puppy threatener.

But the Puyallup Police Department accepts anonymous tips about crimes that have already occurred, either by phone at 253-770-3343 or email at

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