Half-million dollar bail for Tacoma man accused of attacking, threatening ex-girlfriend

CHEHALIS A Tacoma man arrested after allegedly calling a woman between 50 and 100 times per day, jumping through her bedroom window in the middle of the night and threatening to kill her is being held on $500,000 bail in the Lewis County Jail.

John R. Seifert, 38, was charged Friday in Lewis County Superior Court on suspicion of first-degree burglary, violation of a court order, harassment – threat to kill and stalking, all listed as domestic-violence related charges.

Lewis County Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecutor Brad Meagher asked for $500,000 bail, telling Superior Court Judge James Lawler the victim was contemplating going into hiding.

“The alleged victim is afraid for her life,” Meagher said.

Seifert was scheduled to be in Lewis County District Court for a trial-confirmation hearing in a fourth-degree assault case involving the same victim. A warrant was issued for his arrest when he didn’t show up.

“He’s not going to obey any order he’s given,” Meagher said.

Seifert was shaking his head as Meagher addressed the judge.

Although defense attorney Rachael Tiller asked for bail set at a lower $100,000, Lawler sided with Meagher’s argument.

“Telling Mr. Seifert not to have contact (with the victim) apparently doesn’t work,” he said.

Lawler warned Seifert not to contact the alleged victim, and reminded him that the jail records all phone calls.

At 2 a.m. Thursday, deputies with the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 100 block of Hogue Road in Onalaska for a report of a burglary.

A woman at the residence reported Seifert, her ex, “jumped through her bedroom window and assaulted her and her boyfriend,” according to court documents.

A vehicle matching the description of Seifert’s was reported fleeing the area at a high speed. Deputies were unable to catch up with it in Lewis County.

The woman also reported Seifert had been calling her repeatedly, as many as 50 to 100 times a day for the past few days. During the calls, Seifert allegedly threatened to kill her, her friends, and her family.

He allegedly repeated the threats via social media, email and text messages. Some of Seiferts messages were saved on voicemail and were handed over to investigators.

Deputies attempted to track Seifert through his cell phone, which was turned off immediately following the incident.

However, at 5:30 a.m. Thursday, deputies learned the phone was back in service, and shortly thereafter, the victim called to report she had received another threatening call from Seifert, in which he allegedly told her “You’re not safe anywhere, you’re going to die soon,” according to court documents.

Deputies traced the phone to Port Orchard, where Seifert was arrested at about 7:45 a.m.

His next court appearance is scheduled for Thursday.