His wife didn’t want a threesome, so he slammed her into tub, broke cheekbone, police say

A Tacoma man broke his wife’s cheekbone during an assault that followed her refusing to participate in group sex with him and another woman, prosecutors say.

The 30-year-old man was arraigned Wednesday afternoon in Pierce County Superior Court on one charge of second-degree assault and one count of fourth-degree assault. His bail was set at $50,000.

According to court documents:

The man and his wife were drinking at their Tacoma apartment with another couple the night of Sept. 8. The female half of that couple initiated sexual contact with the man, so the wife took the man into the bathroom and confronted him about it.

The man told her to go along with it and have a threesome, but the woman said no. The man then grabbed her by the back of her neck and shoved her down, which made her hit her nose on the bathtub.

The man then sent her out to the store to buy some chaser for their drinks.

The wife returned to find the man in bed with the woman. She threw the woman off the bed and told her to leave.

The man then choked his wife until she blacked out. While he was choking her, he punched her face hard enough to break her cheekbone.

When she came to, she fought back against the man, punching him in the eye and the mouth. She tried to flee the apartment, but the man grabbed her by the hair and threw her. He told her to shut up and go to sleep.

She lay down and slept until the man went to bed, then left and went to her mom’s house.

The man told police he didn’t remember punching his wife and said she must have gotten hurt tripping into the tub.

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