With a shotgun in his face, the teen agreed to frame someone for robbery

All he wanted was a ride home.

The teenage boy had no idea that he’d first find himself in a church parking lot with a shotgun in his face as an acquaintance demanded his help framing someone for a robbery.

That’s what police said happened Tuesday after the teen accepted a ride from an 18-year-old who had already graduated from his Puyallup high school.

“The defendant pointed the gun at the victim's face and told him that he had to make a decision,” according to charging papers. “The defendant told the victim he would kill him unless the victim would frame another person for a crime that the defendant had committed.”

Records show the gunman was wanted for a robbery, though he hasn’t been charged in connection with that crime.

The teen told detectives he agreed to frame someone because he was scared. When he told his parents after arriving home, they called police.

Officers pulled the alleged gunman over the next day to speak with him. There was a shotgun in the vehicle.

The man allegedly told police he couldn’t remember what he spoke with the teen about in the church parking lot or whether he’d ever pointed his shotgun at anyone.

“The defendant said he is friends with the victim and he would not harm him,” records show.

The man pleaded not guilty Friday to first-degree extortion, second-degree assault and felony harassment. He was being held on $50,000 bail.

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