Searchers return to East Pierce County site where skull was found — answers still scarce

Pierce County sheriff’s investigators returned Wednesday to the Greenwater area, after an alleged sighting of human remains in the same area where a moss-covered human skull was recovered Oct. 17.

No additional remains were found Wednesday, but investigators expect to return to the site in the near future, sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said.

Mushroom pickers discovered the skull near state Route 410 and U.S. Forest Road 70.

Online speculation sizzled in response to news reports of the find. Interested parties guessed about the provenance of the skull, and its possible connection to various cold cases.

Troyer said the range of origins included a possible suicide, or even a forgotten pioneer, as well as foul play.

The Medical Examiner’s Office took charge of the skull, but so far, forensic analysis has revealed little, Troyer said, noting that investigators still have no clarity on identity, gender or the age of the remains.

The sheriff’s office is treating the area as a crime scene, and the investigation is ongoing.