To stop his 6-week-old from crying he hurt the baby. Now he’s been sentenced.

A Lakewood man who critically injured his 6-week-old son, allegedly to stop him crying, has been sentenced.

David Edward Sharp, 24, pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree child assault Friday. Pierce County Superior Court Judge Gretchen Leanderson gave him a mid-range sentence of seven years, eight and a half months in prison.

According to charging papers:

Hospital staff members suspected abuse and called police May 9 after the baby’s parents brought him to St. Claire Hospital inLakewood.

Sharp told investigators he’d watched the infant while the mother worked.

To stop the child crying, Sharp said, he compressed the baby’s head by pushing down on his mouth and pushing up from underneath the bassinet.

He said that another time he was frustrated with the crying he put a hand on the child’s chest and pushed himself up off the couch. He also got frustrated with the infant in the bath, and caused the baby to hit his head.

When the baby started staring blankly, Sharp said he called the mother, and they took the child to the hospital.

She wrote the court in June that the baby suffered rib fractures, a broken collarbone and slightly fractured ankles, in addition to the brain injury.

He might grow up with some developmental delays as a result, she said.

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