Police beat: She sped past kids boarding a school bus and said she didn’t have to stop

Editor’s note: Compiled from reports to Tacoma police and the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office.

Nov. 7: The woman’s driver’s license was suspended. She didn’t care. The school bus was stopped in front of her, its stop sign displayed, the red lights flashing as children started boarding at 8:18 a.m.

The woman didn’t care about that, either. She drove past the bus, the children and their parents without stopping.

A sheriff’s deputy parked in 10500 block of Wilkeson Street South saw the move, saw the woman’s silver 1993 Toyota Camry fly by and pulled her over.

Did she see the school bus?

The woman, 26, said yes, but added that she didn’t need to stop for the bus.

The deputy told the woman she was wrong. He asked for her license, registration and insurance.

The woman complained. The stop was pointless, she said, using a different word.

She had no registration or insurance. The deputy noticed a state ID card and asked if she had a driver’s license.

“Nope, I just never got one,” the woman said.

Was her license suspended? The woman said yes.

The deputy told her to get out of the car. He told her she was under arrest, cuffed her and placed her in the patrol car. A records check confirmed the woman’s statement: her license was suspended for failure to pay tickets.

In the back seat, the woman called the deputy “a thirsty-ass cop” and said he ought to be looking for real crime instead of harassing her.

The deputy explained the law regarding the requirement to stop for school buses. The woman said she didn’t care and told him to let her out of the car.

The deputy wrote out a citation: no insurance, no registration, driving with a suspended license, negligent driving, failing to stop for a school bus. The woman said she didn’t care, because her license was already suspended.

The deputy released the woman at the scene and called a tow truck. The Camry was impounded.

Nov. 6: Over a two-day span, the man who claimed to own Tacoma Mall insisted he would hold a huge auction and give the money to employees, snapped a windshield wiper off a security vehicle and demanded to see diamonds at a jewelry store.

The trouble started Nov. 5, when the man, 51, was told to leave a department store. At first, he complied. Then he returned, spotted a security vehicle and pounded the hood. The guard behind the wheel started filming with a phone, then called police.

By the time Tacoma officers arrived, the man had walked to a nearby hotel. As officers spoke to the security guard, a dispatch call came in: The man was claiming that security guards shot at him, hit him with one of their cars and took his phone.

Officers went to the hotel and spoke to the man, who rambled and made little sense. He said he had recently purchased two of the mall stores and planned to hold an auction.

Told he had been trespassed from the mall, he said, “How can the owner of the property be trespassed?”

He was arrested and booked into the Pierce County Jail on suspicion of vandalism and trespassing.

A day later, he was out of jail and back at the mall, hounding employees at a jewelry store and claiming he would buy the entire complex.

Officers returned and spoke to the man, who said he hated cops and hoped they would all die. He said he would come back to the mall once he got out of jail.

Suspecting mental illness, officers didn’t take the threats seriously, but they ran a records check. The man was listed as a missing person out of King County. Officers spoke to his estranged wife, who said she would arrange to have him picked up later. He was booked into the jail on suspicion of trespassing and violating the previous order.

Nov. 5: The Uber driver already had fares in the back seat, and he wasn’t interested in picking up the shouting stranger.

The dispatch call reported an assault. Tacoma officers drove to the 700 block of Pacific Avenue and found the driver, 33, fighting with another man, 24. A third man, one of the passengers, was helping the driver hold the younger man down.

Officers separated the combatants and cuffed the younger man after a short struggle. The man said he was drunk. To every question, he replied, “I don’t know.”

The driver said he had just picked up his passengers when the man rushed at his car and slammed on the rear hatch. The driver said he stopped the car and asked the man if he needed help.

The man didn’t answer directly. He said he wanted the driver’s glasses and tried to grab them. That started the fight. The driver pushed the man’s hand away. The man said he would get a gun and shoot everyone in the car.

At that point, the passenger got out and joined the argument, which led to the final wrestling match.

The second passenger gave a similar account of the incident. Officers booked the man into the Pierce County Jail on suspicion of misdemeanor assault.