Sex offender caught recording women in college bathroom said photos were ‘just for him’

The big black tennis shoes always appearing under the same bathroom stall were the giveaway.

Staff members and students at the University of Puget Sound first noticed the shoes last November in a women’s restroom in Wyatt Hall, an academic building.

Police later determined the shoes belonged to Adam Randolph, a 30-year-old convicted sex offender, after several people saw him leaving the women’s restroom.

Randolph is accused of holding an iPod under bathroom stalls and recording videos of women using the restroom and washing their hands from November 2016 to February.

On Thursday, Pierce County prosecutors charged Randolph with seven counts of voyeurism and three counts of attempted voyeurism. He is scheduled to be arraigned Dec. 14.

An astute staff member first became aware of Randolph after spotting the same pair of tennis shoes under the same stall when she used the restroom two hours apart, according to charging papers.

When she asked the person if they were OK, she heard a grunt. Then moments later, the staff member watched as a man left the restroom.

She immediately reported it to security, who sent out a campus-wide alert after two others reported seeing a suspicious man leave the same restroom in January.

After an incident in February, security officers were able to catch Randolph in the bathroom and found an iPod hidden in the toilet seat dispenser.

The iPod contained eight videos of women.

Randolph allegedly admitted to filming the unaware women but said the pictures were “just for him,” records show.

Randolph has a 2006 conviction for attempted voyeurism in King County and a 2011 conviction for third-degree sexual abuse in Oregon.

Local law enforcement has reclassified him as a Level 2 sex offender after discovering that his Oregon conviction was overlooked.

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